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Local Area Coordination in Wiltshire

This visual report, created by the Local Area Coordination Network for Wiltshire Council, aims to understand the impact of Local Area Coordination from the perspective of their service and community partners (introducers) as part of a much bigger internal evaluation. We developed a survey, asking key questions, in collaboration with the Local Area Coordination Team in Wiltshire, which was completed by 113 people representing various groups and organisations between March and April 2021.

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Key findings included:

  • 95% Agree that Local Area Coordination is a valuable resource in our communities.
  • 91% Agree that Local Area Coordinators are rooted in their local communities and are seen as a community resource.

“This is a brilliant role that tackles so many modern-day issues such a loneliness & isolation and picks up / signposts / introduces those individuals that would normally fall through the gap. This should be a standard for all principal authorities.”