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Our February Newsletter is out!

Local Area Coordination in England and Wales

February 2023

Updates on Local Area Coordination, the work of the Network and
the areas implementing the approach.

In this month’s edition we’ll be covering:

  • Hello and welcome
  • Publications
  • Local Area Coordination Annual Survey
  • Vacancies
  • Events
  • Blogs

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A note from from Nick Sinclair and Tom Richards,
Director of the Local Area Coordination Network and Local Area Coordination Network Manager

Hello and welcome to the Local Area Coordination Network Newsletter!
This month’s Newsletter is all about information and knowledge. In the context of Local Area Coordination itself, information is one of our ten core principles, and is essential for people to be able to make informed decisions, and to have a sense of choice and control in their life. Sharing information is also a big part of how we help our loved ones and communities, connecting them to opportunities and learning from each other. This is something also practiced by members of the Local Area Coordination Network – sharing knowledge, information and innovations with colleagues across England and Wales to strengthen the movement as a whole.

We are also constantly growing our knowledge about how and why Local Area Coordination is effective. There have been 15 independent UK-based evaluations of Local Area Coordination to date with more on the way. This week we met with researchers at Swansea University who have been studying the physiological and psychological effects of being alongside a Local Area Coordinator, and the results are fascinating. The ever-growing body of evidence shows that when people are able to set out what their vision of a good life looks like and are supported to plan and take action towards achieving that vision themselves, as part of an approach that celebrates their skills and capabilities, lasting change is possible.

We’re hope you’re as excited by this as we are and enjoy the Newsletter!

Nick Sinclair and Tom Richards