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Podcast series – Weathering the storm: Episode 2 with Jennie Cox and Joe Micheli

This podcast continues our series ‘weathering the storm’.

The session is hosted by Nick Sinclair with special guests Jennie Cox and Joe Micheli from the Local Area Coordination team in York.

Joe and Jennie chat about Jennie’s recent paper ‘It’s all about People and Relationships...’ which looks at how being an asset based area has helped organisations and communities across York come together through the Coronavirus pandemic.

“Those existing relationships and partnerships have become even more important because as information’s been changing everyday we’ve been needing to get that new information out to people so that they can help themselves, help their families, friends and know what’s going on and feel reassured…so having those existing networks, when I reflect, I don’t know how we would’ve got all that information out there in the way that we have”