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Report launch: It’s time for Local Area Coordination

We’re excited to launch our new report ‘It’s Time for Local Area Coordination’. The report outlines what Local Area Coordination is and how it offers huge and long lasting positive impacts on individuals, communities and public sector bodies.

Local Area Coordination is a powerful approach adopted by a growing Network of local authorities and health partners. Local Area Coordination helps:

  • people think about their good life and take steps to make it happen
  • communities be more inclusive and ambitious with and for their citizens
  • public sector bodies change their systems and processes for the better.

Our Network tells us the model is helping them achieve strategic change around:

  • Prevention and supporting individual and community resilience, health and wellbeing.
  • Health and social care integration.
  • Co-production, co-commissioning and community capacity building.
  • Reforming the front door to services and wider system reform.
  • Investing to reduce costs.

Most importantly Local Area Coordination has proven to be highly effective in helping people achieve their vision of a good life.  It supports active citizenship and contribution creating stronger, self-supporting and more inclusive communities.

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“Local Area Coordination is unique: Coordinators build the capacity and resilience of communities, and as the model scales up, it drives wider system change. A growing number of places are seeking to become Asset-Based Areas to tackle deeprooted problems like loneliness and isolation: Local Area Coordination is a great place to start.” – Alex Fox OBE, Chair of the national Building Community Capacity network