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Summative Evaluation of the London Borough of Havering Published

The summative evaluation of the Local Area Coordination programme in the London Borough of Havering has now been published. The evaluation was compiled by Dr Sandhya Duggal.

The evaluation reviews data collected along with interviews with people who have made use of Local Area Coordination, community members, Local Area Coordinators and service managers.

The evaluation outlines broadly that:

  • There is evidence that Local Area Coordination has helped improve residents’ perception of statutory support.
  • People feel supported and listened to in a way that had not occurred in previous council interactions.
  • Local Area Coordination can have a positive impact on wellbeing and help people improve their quality of life.
  • Local Area Coordination can positively influence logistical and cultural systems change.
  • There is potential for cost deferral.

Read the full evaluation here

“I think services across the board need to listen to what the local area coordinators are saying in terms of those gaps and meeting people’s needs, particularly the ones who aren’t meeting the threshold. So they’ve got maybe a lower level need, but it’s most likely going to escalate to a higher level need if it goes unaddressed” – Service Manager

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