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Summative evaluation of York Local Area Coordination programme has been published

The summative evaluation of the Local Area Coordination programme in York has now been published. The evaluation was compiled by the University of York.

The evaluation reviews data collected along with interviews with people who have made use of Local Area Coordination, community members and Local Area Coordinators.

The evaluation outlines broadly that:

  • There is evidence of Local Area Coordinators supporting those who do not meet current eligibility and addressing isolation
  • There is evidence of developing non-service solutions that are preventative
  • People have been able to upskill and volunteer as a result of Local Area Coordinator support
  • People have been able to build a positive vision and plan for their future as a result of Local Area Coordinator support
  • Local Area Coordinators enable people to be heard
  • There is potential for cost deferral
  • Local Area Coordination can have a positive impact on community and system change

Read the full evaluation here

“My experience of the Coordinators is that they’re able to catch the people as they’re falling, before they’ve hit the bottom, whereas a lot of other support agencies the people have hit the bottom and been there for a while before support is available, because there isn’t the support there.” – Community Stakeholder

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