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The Christmas Countdown

In the countdown to Christmas, we are sharing some of the highlights of 2021 from the Local Area Coordination Network with you. Check back daily for our latest highlight.

Day 1

This year we welcomed two more new areas to the Local Area Coordination Network – welcome Surrey and Nottinghamshire!

It's time for local area coordination - christmas 2021

Day 2

We started 2021 by publishing Building Blocks of ‘Better’ which featured a range of speakers on our 10 principles. Here we reflect on the principle of Community – watch here

‘Communities are further enriched by the inclusion and participation of all people and these communities are the most important way of building friendship, support, and a meaningful life.’


Day 3

In July we shared John and Tara’s story. Tara walks alongside John as he connects with his community and builds natural relationships.

Watch here

It's time to be alongside

Day 4

In February Nick spoke at the It’s Our Community conference about Local Area Coordination as a preventative approach and shared Ella’s story  – Watch here 

its time to talk about prevention

Day 5

In February we shared the 2018-21 evaluation report from Derby  – some great findings to share! – Read it here

It's time to remind ourselves why it works

Day 6

This year we celebrated as our Network expanded, including the expansion of Local Area Coordination in Swansea to all areas!  Check out the areas where we have Local Area Coordination in England and Wales.

Day 7 

It’s time for Safe Waiting – Local Area Coordinator, David Oliffe, describes the journey of being alongside someone in this series of illustrative videos – Watch here 

Safe waiting

Day 8

Today we’re looking back on stories shared throughout the year. Some Local Area Coordination experiences were shared with The Relationships Project and the #spiritoflockdown project.Find out more

the relationships project

Day 9 

In April and May, we shared blogs from Local Area Coordinator Emma Shears about Circling the Square, a book of neighbourly stories collected during the first lockdown of Covid-19.

Read Part 1

Read Part 2

Day 10

Wishing everyone a peaceful Christmas from the Local Area Coordination Network!

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