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Video Series: Ashlee’s Story

We’re excited to announce the launch of the third video in our new series celebrating the journeys of people who have been walking alongside a Local Area Coordinator. In these films you’ll meet people from across London and the South of England who have spent time with their Local Area Coordinator to build their vision of a good life, plan what they need to do to achieve this vision, and have taken action themselves to make this happen, with just enough support from a Local Area Coordinator each step of the way.

Ashlee was introduced to her Local Area Coordinator Frank by her GP, initially to explore ways she could improve in her mental health. As their relationship developed and trust was built, it became clear that underlying pressures around money and housing were causing her to feel unwell. Over time, Ashlee felt comfortable enough to open up to Frank, and with him alongside her she was able to unpick these issues and put plans in place to prevent further ones from occurring too. At one point in the video, Ashlee reflects on where she might have been if she hadn’t met Frank, saying “I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today […] I would be homeless by now”.