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Video Series: Lauren’s Story

We’re excited to announce the launch of the eighth and final video in our new series celebrating the journeys of people who have been walking alongside a Local Area Coordinator. In these films you’ll meet people from across London and the South of England who have spent time with their Local Area Coordinator to build their vision of a good life, plan what they need to do to achieve this vision, and have taken action themselves to make this happen, with just enough support from a Local Area Coordinator each step of the way.

Lauren shares a moving account of what happened after she contracted meningitis and septicaemia which resulted in an amputation. She speaks about the role of her Local Area Coordinator Estelle who she was introduced to when she moved into temporary accommodation. Lauren describes Estelle as ‘a light at the end of a very long tunnel’ and talks about how they explored positive things to get involved with in the community. With Estelle alongside her, Lauren became actively involved in groups ran by local organisations where she formed helpful new connections. Lauren comments that at the time she had felt a ‘shell of herself’ but Estelle was there to support her to become her again. She goes on to say that Estelle has helped her realise that ‘being disabled is not a limitation’ and states that she is ‘a lot more determined to make more of my life as I am lucky to still have my life.’ Lauren now has ambitions to become a counsellor specialising in people who have had life-changing illnesses or injuries.