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Video Series: Molly’s Story

We’re excited to announce the launch of the seventh video in our new series celebrating the journeys of people who have been walking alongside a Local Area Coordinator. In these films you’ll meet people from across London and the South of England who have spent time with their Local Area Coordinator to build their vision of a good life, plan what they need to do to achieve this vision, and have taken action themselves to make this happen, with just enough support from a Local Area Coordinator each step of the way.

This week we are sharing Molly’s journey. Molly was introduced to Local Area Coordinator Tina by a statutory service. They agreed to meet up over a tea and milkshake. As they got to know each other, it became clear to Tina that Molly was really benefiting from just chatting and talking through ideas. As Molly says they ‘just clicked’, and she found her time with Tina something positive to look forward to. At one point in their relationship Molly, who is a young carer for her mum and family, shared that she didn’t get on well at school. Over time they explored career options that could work around Molly’s family commitments and also help make some time for herself. They found a place on a course and Molly went on to win student of the month and gain qualifications. She has made new friends and found a career in something she enjoys. Molly comments ‘I never thought I’d be where I am today […] I feel like I have blossomed since meeting Tina and have found a new confidence in myself […] with new relationships and friendships […]I’ve put myself out there and found who Molly is again’. Brilliant!