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Video Series: Nikki’s Story

We’re excited to announce the launch of the fourth video in our new series celebrating the journeys of people who have been walking alongside a Local Area Coordinator. In these films you’ll meet people from across London and the South of England who have spent time with their Local Area Coordinator to build their vision of a good life, plan what they need to do to achieve this vision, and have taken action themselves to make this happen, with just enough support from a Local Area Coordinator each step of the way.

This time we have the privilege of hearing Nikki’s reflections.

As part of her recovery from domestic abuse, Nikki was introduced to her Local Area Coordinator Ren. Nikki and Ren quickly formed a bond of trust with Ren making it clear she wasn’t there to judge and direct, rather to support Nikki to make her own decisions to live the life she wanted. This eventually included Nikki discovering new skills and sharing her gifts and talents through much valued community activities. Nikki now has other people in the community looking up to her, has found her voice again, and has regained the power back that she had lost.