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Sustaining a lasting impact

Ongoing support for local councils and organisations to maintain the conditions for community enterprises to thrive.


Through our approach as a catalyst of change, our projects help to create the right conditions for community enterprises to thrive to ensure there is a wide choice of quality options and a sustainable market for them to tap into. Wider system change is complex. Sometimes partners benefit from drawing on further support and expertise from Community Catalysts beyond the term of the initial project to help embed change and add further capacity.


Community Catalysts partners with local authorities and other organisations beyond the life of a community enterprise project. We take a bespoke approach based on what is needed locally to ensure that the new community enterprises that have been helped to develop can continue to grow in strength and number. Through our ongoing support, partners can continue to take part in our Shared Learning Networks which focus on mutual learning from shared challenges and good practice.

“Community Catalysts has helped us to think outside the box and deliver on our strategy of My Front Door to build local infrastructure and provide better, greater choices for people with a learning disability. They have worked creatively and in partnership at all levels to support the necessary system and culture change required for our transformational vision.”

Garry Parvin – Joint Head of Learning Disability, Autism and Transitions Commissioning, RMBC


Our ongoing support continues to help forge community connections and lasting networks so that community enterprises can thrive and local people have access to highly personalised care and support – increasing people’s wellbeing, dignity and self-worth.


Current projects are extended and/or re-commissioned, contracted or funded by public, third or private sector organisations as per project learning. We continue to co-design and co-produce whenever possible.

Examples of this work in practice: