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What we do

Kent Small Good Stuff does two things:

We link people who need care or support with local people who might help.

We help small organisations that offer care or support. We provide them with information, publicity and access to a friendly network.

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What we believe

We're the friendly website that believes:

People want care and support at times and in ways that suit them.

Local people helping other local people is good for everyone and for communities.

Very small organisations can offer great care and be imaginative and responsive.

Very small organisations struggle to tell people what they can offer (they don’t have huge marketing budgets like the big guys).

Looking for care or support?

We can help you find local support

If you are looking for some help or support please search on our directory using your postcode to find local people who can help – we call the people and small organisations on our directory community micro-enterprises.

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Small Good Stuff is hosted by Community Catalysts who help people to set up their own community micro-enterprises. As part of getting set up, people work through a development programme alongside local Catalysts to make sure their community micro-enterprise is safe, legal and sustainable. When people on our Small Good Stuff directory complete the development programme, their listing is updated to reflect this achievement.


Interested in offering care or support?

We can help you get set up

Community micro-enterprise project in Kent

This is an exciting project delivered in partnership with Kent County Council. The 2 year project from April 2022 aims to stimulate the development and growth of community micro-enterprises across Kent that provide a wide range of help and support for older and disabled people at home and in the community.

The following people are employed by Community Catalysts to coordinate this project and to run the development programme. Please contact them for more information.

Ashford and Canterbury

 North Kent – Dartford Gravesham Swanley Swale DGSS

South Kent Coast and Thanet

 West Kent