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Mrs Organiser

Mrs Organiser was founded by Naomi with the support of her local Catalyst as part of the Kent Community Enterprise Project. The project provided Naomi with free advice, guidance and support to develop her business idea and show the quality of her offer. We hear how this help from Community Catalysts has enabled Naomi to bring together her skills, organising talents and caring nature to be making a real difference to the lives of people in her local area.

Naomi has a natural flair for organising. She has a deep understanding of how our surroundings and environment can affect how we feel, behave, act and think. Naomi has had a diverse career in construction, financial services and the NHS, mostly in project management roles. Combining her workplace skills and her passion for improving peoples’ wellbeing by organising and decluttering, Mrs Organiser was born – a professional organising and decluttering service.

“My service is about helping people to take back control of their environments to improve their health and wellbeing. A cluttered home can be a cause of social isolation and loneliness. Something I have seen numerous times with my customers is that they have become embarrassed by their homes and stop allowing people to visit. Clutter for older or physically disabled people could increase the risk of trips and falls – often simple things like reorganising a room and utilising storage space could minimise this risk.”

Naomi’s kind and understanding approach to the work leads to great results for those she supports:

“I fully appreciate that for some people going through this process, it will be difficult and at times emotional. Patience and empathy are guaranteed and I work together with people to go at a pace suitable to them. I never tell anyone to get rid of things which can be something people often fear of a service like this – I will talk to people about what they want to keep and why and I will sometimes challenge them on their decision – that is my job! But ultimately it is the customer’s choice.”

What customers say about Mrs Organiser:

“I was very blessed to be touched by her magical hands & energy. I don’t think Mrs Organiser truly understands the impact her service made to me and my mental health. I would implore you to trust her fully. Excellent work and service, thank you.”

“Naomi is fantastic! She helped me sort my chaotic dumping space into an organised useable workshop! There was no judgement on my clutter, instead only enthusiastic and positive vibes! Naomi is not afraid of getting stuck in! Thank you, Naomi!”

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