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What we do

Stoke on Trent Small Good Stuff does two things:

We link people who need care or support with local people who might help.

We help small organisations that offer care or support. We provide them with information, publicity and access to a friendly network.

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What we believe

We're the friendly website that believes:

People want care and support at times and in ways that suit them.

Local people helping other local people is good for everyone and for communities.

Very small organisations can offer great care and be imaginative and responsive.

Very small organisations struggle to tell people what they can offer (they don’t have huge marketing budgets like the big guys).

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Local links

What's happening locally

An independent charity working to reduce the incidences of cold-related illness and fuel poverty.

The overarching aim of Bentilee Volunteers is to be at the heart of the community by providing vital support and services that help to raise aspirations, enable and empower local people, support the disadvantaged and improve overall quality of life.

Their main aim is preventing residents, including veterans and homeless, from becoming socially excluded, as well as the prevention or relief of hardship by providing items and services to individuals in need.

Café Indi provides inclusive work placements and volunteering opportunities to adults and young people who are looking to gain experience in hospitality, allowing them to gain confidence, enhance their life skills, and help them transition into paid employment.

The service offered is independent, free, confidential, independent and impartial. The aim is to empower those who experience poverty and inequality to improve their lives and to convince policy makers to take action.

Door2Door Transport is a community transport service for residents of Newcastle-under-Lyme and Stoke-on-Trent. A team of volunteer drivers support people to get out and about in their communities helping reduce isolation and enabling people to maintain their independence.

Dedicated to supporting community, reducing food waste, and feeding families.

Middleport Matters is a community organisation which aims to help make Middleport a safer, more welcoming and thriving place to be.

This searchable online directory contains details of a wide range of care providers, services, self-help groups, and community and voluntary organisations.

The Stoke-on-Trent All Age Carers Service provides a single point of access for all carers including both adult and young carers.  The service ensures that carers of all ages have access to a wide range of support services, information, advice and guidance.

The hub offers a wide programme of activities, events and support services for the local community and has a large hall (with kitchen and bar facilities) available to hire for special occasions.

Interested in offering care or support?

We can help you get set up

Community micro-enterprise project in Stoke on Trent

If you’re thinking about working for yourself, contact your local Community Catalyst, Alice Cosgrove on, or 07435 943945.