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We welcome our first new Partner of 2024 – Wessex Academy for Skills in Personalised Care – WASP


Wessex Academy for Skills in Personalised Care - WASP

We welcome a new Partner for C4PC  

The Coalition for Personalised Care (C4PC) is thrilled welcome new Partner with Wessex Academy for Skills in Personalised Care (WASP) . Dedicated to the integration of personalised care into healthcare practices, WASP brings a wealth of expertise and resources to our shared mission.

WASP, staff are seasoned healthcare professionals with firsthand experience in innovative healthcare interventions, and is renowned for its commitment to empowering health and social care teams. Through services encompassing practice evaluations, bespoke training, and quality improvement initiatives, WASP is pivotal in driving forward the personalised care agenda.

At the heart of WASP’s ethos lies collaboration. By joining forces with esteemed institutions such as the University of Southampton and the NIHR Applied Research Collaboration Wessex, WASP has consistently fostered a culture of learning and innovation. Their impact extends not only to NHS staff but also to social care teams and third sector organisations, amplifying the reach of personalised care principles.

One of WASP’s flagship offerings is their comprehensive training programs, designed to equip healthcare professionals with the tools and insights necessary to navigate the evolving landscape of personalised care. From the Fundamentals of Personalised Care, to the Shared Decision Making Online Workshop, WASP’s training initiatives are renowned for their depth and practical applicability.

Central to this partnership is the shared commitment to advancing personalised care beyond regional boundaries.

By joining C4PC as a Partner, WASP seeks to expand its network and unlock new avenues for collaboration, amplifying its impact on a national scale. Together, we aim to elevate the profile of personalised care and drive meaningful change across the healthcare landscape.

For more information please visit WASP’s website