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KeyRing joins the Coalition for Personalised Care

They deliver flexible, personalised support that helps people smash barriers to independence. KeyRing provides adult social care that inspires people to build the life they want in their local community.

Personalised Care and Support are at the heart of KeyRing’s philosophy which focuses on enabling people to live in a place they call home, doing things that matter to them. The fundamental Personalised Care principles of enabling choice and planning holistic care and support are the bedrock of KeyRing’s mission.

Karyn Kirkpatrick, KeyRing Chief Executive Officer, told us, “We have over 30 years of experience working with people in a person-centred way.

“We have spent years talking about Personalised Care and Support with local authorities and it feels like it has moved so very slowly. We want to be part of a solution. Not just in terms of choice and control but also in terms of every service adapting to the individual.”

KeyRing enables people to build on their skills, share them with others, and contribute to their communities. Building connections and support that works for each person is key to achieving their goals and living the life that they want to lead.

Joining the Coalition is a natural step for KeyRing, which already has strong relationships with many of our Partners and is looking to form working relationships with other organisations.

Karyn explained that, “We have a lot to say and we know that we can have a much bigger impact by joining with C4PC. We are transparent about our work and would love to share and learn from others.”

C4PC Chair, Kim Ryley, welcomed KeyRing by saying, “KeyRing are a fantastic example of an organisation which truly lives and breathes Personalised Care. They are renowned for always seeing people’s potential and giving them the support they need to build their independence and connect with other people.

“The wealth of experience KeyRing brings to the Coalition will help deepen our collective knowledge, and provide some positive examples of best-practice Personalised Care that we can share more widely.

“The Coalition is deeply appreciative of the huge contribution that KeyRing has made over the years in creating supportive and enabling environments for the people they work with. We look forward to hearing more about their work and ways we can work together towards achieving Universal Personalised Care.”

Please join us in welcoming KeyRing to Coalition and visit their website to find out more about their work.