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Please join us in welcoming new C4PC Partner – Aintree Training Ltd

Aintree Training’s mission is to help their commissioners and learners feel valued, validated, individually and organisationally respected and positively empowered, to support improvement on an individual, organisational and wider scale.

This will be achieved through delivering training services that enable individuals and organisations to be better prepared and more able to provide tailored, personalised services fit for the present and for the future.

Aintree Training’s two directors have over 30 plus years of working within care services, working their way up from mental health and learning disability support to that of training company owner/directors, bringing expertise in frontline service provision, operational service management, training programme co-production and co-development, training needs assessment and change evaluation, and of course training delivery!

Their career routes began with both meeting as care workers.  One went the Operational Route- Senior Support Worker, Team Leader, Reg Care Home Manager.  The other went down the Strategic Development route.  Support Worker, Quality and Compliance/Company Development, Chief Executive Assistant, Learning & Development Officer, then Training Manager, before ultimately ending up as the Director of Training for a Group of Companies incorporating both Charitable Not-for Profit and Limited For-Profit provider organisations; whilst also becoming a state registered QTLS Qualified Teacher on the way!

Their unusual development route has resulted in Directors of a fresh new Training Company, Aintree Training Limited, which launched March 2022.  They understand social care sector and provider company needs along with the need for (and experience of) delivering real personalised services to many individuals over their career.  Experts in the delivery of workforce training and development- particularly in the areas of health and social care, health and safety, first aid, moving and handling of people and more.

Aintree Training’s aim is to ensure their commissioners workforce is one that is trained, knowledgeable, not just competent but skilled and ultimately valued.  This increase in social value can only be achieved through provider organisations delivering great personalised services to their final beneficiaries, and this needs great training to create and sustain a workforce in a sector that’s very much in demand from its users, the communities and our society in which they currently serve.

Christopher Jones, Managing Director of Aintree Training Ltd, stated “We are excited to be a part of the Coalition for Personalised Care.  We look forward to have the opportunity to provide our input into conversations about how we can genuinely personalise care and support throughout differing service models within the UK, and how this can be achieved through developing a solid bedrock of training (which includes the requirement personalising services). Importantly, its our view that genuinely personalised, sustainable services must be achieved by improving the perception of health and social care as a professional sector.  Social Care and Health Care both demand a workforce which is highly trained, highly skilled and knowledgeable- advanced practitioners in their fields.

Simply put; Social Care staff must be viewed with parity of value and esteem as NHS staff.  We want to be part of a partnership that wants to improve standards and personalisation that understands this must be delivered by a workforce that is proud of its contribution to individuals and its contribution to our society.  Conversely for great [personalised and stable services, the Social Care Workforce must be a workforce that our society itself highly values and is very proud of”.

Emma Geldart, C4PC Programme Manager, said “It’s great to welcome a training organisation that has a focus on Personalised Care and has expertise in co-production. Their many years experience of working within the health and care sector will add real value to the Coalition.”

Please join us in welcoming Aintree Training Ltd to our Partnership. If you’d like to know more about their work, please visit the Aintree Training Ltd website.