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Understanding of Personalised Care  – Can you help?

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‘What is personalised care? What does it mean for you and your care?’

Personalised care is something that all people are entitled to, something that can enhance your experience of the healthcare system but do we all know what it is?
We believe that the significant advantages of personalised care are only possible if people know what it is, what they can expect of it and how to engage with it.
We are hoping to create a place where people can access as much information to understand what personalised care is and how it can be part of their healthcare experience. An example might be a leaflet describing how to get the most out of a medical appointment by asking the right questions, but we know that there is a variety of resources out there.
We are looking for people to share anything that you produce/ regularly use that could be part of this library.

  • Could you share the links to these webpages/documents/videos etc with us?
  • Would you be interested in helping us shape and share this library?
  •  If so please email your resources or interest in supporting the creation of the library to