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We welcome a new Partner – Every-One Logo

Every-One is a new partner that we’re excited to introduce this month.

Based in Lincolnshire, this charity is dedicated to placing carers and those they care for at the forefront of their wellbeing.

It achieves this by developing and delivering a multitude of person-centered services and projects focused on personalising wellbeing.


Every-One operates on several core beliefs. They advocate for individuals to have choice and control over their health and social care, insist that services should revolve around the person rather than the process, and recognise that many require assistance to effectively exercise their choice and control.

They respect that individuals are the experts of their own lives and their shared experiences can enhance services and support. They also believe in supporting people within their communities in a way that acknowledges the whole person.

Every-One not only provides services such as short break caravans, co-production & personalisation, e-learning, training, a military network, and circles of support, but also encourages everyone to join their community.

This is because at Every-One, each individual is important in their quest for improved wellbeing.