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Welcome to our new Partner – the Personalised Care Institute

We are very pleased to welcome a new Partner to the Coalition for Personalised Care: the Personalised Care Institute (PCI). With a focus on personalised care education, the PCI shares many goals and objectives with the Coalition and our Partner organisations.

Head of the PCI, Andy Riley, explains the purpose of the organisation, “We aim to be the home of personalised care education across the entirety of the health and care workforce, and we set quality standards for all personalised care training.

“We have over 100 learning resources available on the training hub, including free eLearning, webinars, podcasts and other helpful guidance around the principles of personalised care. We also have an accreditation programme for external training courses that align with the capabilities of our curriculum.”

The PCI has collaborative relationships with organisations such as NHSE/I, Royal Colleges, medical institutions and healthcare professional membership associations – many of which are also Partners in the Coalition for Personalised Care.

Andy emphasises that, “The PCI supports the Coalition’s vision to establish personalised care as business as usual and to make it a lived reality for all who use health and care services. One of the targets of the NHS Long Term Plan is that 75,000 people will be trained in personalised care by March 2024.

“We provide a wealth of evidence-based, peer-reviewed free training that is accessible to anyone interested in expanding their knowledge on personalised care. Training is available to all health and care professionals.”

C4PC Chair, Kim Ryley, highlights the importance of the PCI to the Coalition, “The PCI is an ideal fit for our network of Partner organisations. Their goal of helping to empower people with the knowledge, skills and confidence to feel more in control of their mental and physical health is perfectly aligned with the Coalition’s vision of making Personalised Care a reality for everyone, and is an aspiration shared across our network.

“Welcoming the PCI to the Coalition presents the opportunity for us to elevate the profile of Personalised Care and create a buzz about its development across the health and care sectors, and enables us to combine and deliver our messaging across our respective networks. The PCI also works closely with NHS England and, like us, is actively exploring new connections and working relationships with recently formed regional Integrated Care Systems.

“We very much appreciate the valuable contributions the PCI have made in educating and inspiring health and care professionals to deliver universal personalised care. We look forward to working closely with them, and learning more about their training and other offerings.”

The Coalition plans to introduce PCI at upcoming network events to enable our Partners to gain a greater understanding of the learning on offer and facilitate collaboration opportunities. In the meantime, those interested in personalised care training can find out more here.