Creating a choice of community options

Supporting people to try new things, make their own connections and build wider relationships outside their home.


Historically, day services have developed from day centres that offer people care or occupational activity during office hours in group settings. They have not always evolved to be able to offer what people want and need and they are rarely aspirational. Sometimes a more creative approach is required. 

Map showing the counties where we currently work and where we've previously worked

Map showing the spread of our community enterprise projects as at end of 2022 – watch a video of the spread


Community Catalysts has an established approach which releases the capacity and creativity of local people. An employed Catalyst identifies individuals who are interested in supporting people differently during the day. The Catalyst runs a development programme underpinned by coaching, mentoring and an emphasis on local networks. Alongside our work with local people, we help public sector organisations understand and make the systems and culture change necessary to sustain this more creative approach. 


The approach creates daytime support for people, offered by other local people, that values strengths and builds on interests. It also creates satisfying employment for local citizens. It ensures real choice and peace of mind for families, commissioners and supporting professionals. Money stays local. 

I am stronger inside and outside now. It feels really good when I can do things I couldn’t do before…

Russell talking about his time with Envolve Wellness


We are commissioned, contracted or funded by public, third or private sector organisations to design and deliver this approach. We co-design and co-produce whenever possible. 

We have really struggled to fill the days and weeks since lockdowns started and it has caused a lot of pressure on the family. Seeing a programme of varied activities was such a relief!


Examples of this work in practice:

Before I started I was very shy, but look at me now! I go on it every week to show my work to everyone

Young Person after attending a community enterprise session

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