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Creating a choice of at home options

Supporting the development of community enterprises offering highly personalised care and help at home to older and disabled people.


People tell us that homecare doesn’t always work – for the people who provide it or the people who need it. Some people can’t get the care they need at all. Others feel like they are just a series of tasks rather than a person with a lot to offer. The care that they want isn’t possible and there seems to be no real choice of alternative providers or ways of doing things. It needs a creative approach.

“At a time when the health and social care sector is under so much pressure, we’re very happy to have Community Catalysts’ support to encourage the development of community micro-enterprises. Our hope is that more people have access to care and support locally so that they can live their lives as they wish to live them, and in doing so we help our foundational economy to flourish.”

Meilys Heulfryn Smith – Transformation Programme Leader, Gwynedd Council

“I’m so grateful to be supported by [Community Catalysts] who are helping to raise my profile and get connected with others working in adult social care. The support is so beneficial, has inspired me with new ideas and made me feel more confident in my role.”

Laura Brown – Empress Home Care and Companionship

Map of Great Britain showing where Community Catalysts work and have worked


Community Catalysts has an established approach which releases local people’s capacity and creates real choice in a more diverse ‘marketplace’. A local coordinator or Catalyst identifies people who are interested in doing care differently. The Catalyst runs a development programme underpinned by coaching, mentoring and an emphasis on local networks. Alongside our work with local people, we help public sector organisations understand and make the systems and culture changes necessary to sustain this more creative approach.

On the right is a map showing the spread of our community enterprise projects as at the end of 2023 – watch a video of the spread here.

One person helping another to put on their coat


The result is care that cares – flexible help for people who need it and satisfying employment for local people. A real choice and peace of mind for families, commissioners and supporting professionals like GPs, social workers and hospital discharge teams. Money is saved and stays local. 


We are commissioned, contracted or funded by public, third or private sector organisations to design and deliver this approach. We co-design and co-produce whenever possible. 

Examples of this work in practice: