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Helping local people help other local people

Communities Care

We help people and communities across the country to use their talents to start and run small enterprises and community businesses that support and care for other local people. They create good local jobs and keep local money local. They help people live a good life, connected with and contributing to their community.

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Building on strength and unlocking potential

People Can

People sometimes need support to live their lives. The help they need can overshadow their skills. This waste of talent hurts the person, their community and society. We help people dream and make things happen. We help local organisations to create the conditions in which people can follow their dreams.

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Discovering, learning and doing things better

Innovators Learn

We help people find ways to approach health and care that put people before systems. We offer accessible, engaging learning opportunities for health and care practitioners and people who use health or care services. All our personal development programmes have a strong focus on people’s strengths, building on what works well. We also regularly speak at conferences and events across the sector.

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Helps local people who want to develop small enterprises to complement established day services by offering highly personalised alternatives.

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Partnership project with Islington Council to develop great day support options for people with learning disabilities.

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Details of the Community Catalysts partnership project with Nottingham City Council, with a focus on disabled children and young people and their families.

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Communities care

Supporting people in rural communities

Project helping people to develop strong networks of support across rural, and often remote, geographies.

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Communities care

Changing systems and cultures

Nurturing and embedding the right conditions to develop a diverse marketplace of flourishing community enterprises.

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Communities care

Sustaining a lasting impact

Ongoing support for local councils and organisations to maintain the conditions for community enterprises to thrive. Why? Through our approach…

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Innovative partnership project using technology to connect people with local community enterprises who offer care or support.

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Building the foundation for Denbighshire to look to a future with community enterprises as a sustainable long-term option.

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People can

People Can in Rotherham

Partnership project with Rotherham Council where we developed a range of community options for, and led by, people with a learning disability and/or autistic people.

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Communities care

Work for yourself community support

Details of how we can help you to set up offering support or activities in your community for older or disabled people, including people with learning disabilities.

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Innovators learn

The Big Conversation

Helping organisations engage and consult with large numbers of people from different stakeholder groups and competing perspectives to coproduce action plans for change.

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Innovators learn

Shared Perspectives

Helping organisations and citizens solve many different problems through a flexible Shared Perspectives approach.

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